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Generic Dental Implant Teeth Model showing dental roots and implant anchor.

Do you feel self-conscious about your smile? Do you find yourself worrying about how your smile looks to others? Or worse yet, you don’t smile because you don’t want people to see your teeth.

Are you missing teeth that have left gaps in your mouth and smile? If you know your mouth and smile are not looking and feeling the way they should, it might be time to consider seeing a periodontist about dental implants.

Dental implants can give your mouth a whole new look and feel. Read on to learn about single tooth and multi-tooth dental implants to create a healthy mouth and bring back your smile.

What Is a Dental Implant?

Let’s start with the basics of understanding how a dental implant works. Dr. Newhart will place an artificial tooth root (the implant) surgically into the jaw bone. These are sometimes called titanium fillings. The implant acts as an anchor for the tooth.

The next step is to attach an artificial tooth to the anchor. This artificial tooth is color-matched to your other teeth. The exact color match makes the tooth look authentic like it’s one of your own teeth.

Single Tooth Dental Implant

In year’s past, if you had a bad tooth, and it was a single tooth, the dentist might have tried putting a crown over it. Crowns are still widely used but dependent on the health of the tooth. In fact, if there isn’t enough tooth to attach to then the crown won’t work.

If a crown wouldn’t work, then perhaps the dentist might have created a bridge with an artificial tooth attached. This worked almost like a retainer, for those who remember having braces. The bridge fits into the mouth and the tooth pops into place. Of course, this means you have a device in your mouth.

Thankfully, there is better technology these days. Dr. Newhart and his team are able to create a more authentic look and feel to keep your mouth healthy with a single tooth dental implant. If only one tooth is unhealthy, then the periodontist can remove the bad tooth and surgically place the implant in its place.

The dental implant doesn’t need other teeth to be secured. It uses the jaw bone alone to hold it in place. The dentist can carefully fit the missing tooth like it’s the original.

The most common dental implants are either molars or premolars. These teeth most commonly succumb to decay or gum issues.

If a bad tooth needs to be removed, in some cases the new implant can be placed at the same time. In other cases, you will need multiple appointments.  Once the artificial tooth root is placed, the periodontist will allow time for it to heal and secure itself to the jaw bone. You will be given a temporary tooth. Once the root is secure, a permanent artificial tooth will adhere to the tooth root.

Multi-Tooth Dental Implant

Previous dental options for multiple teeth issues might have included dental bridges or removable dentures. While in some cases these options are still used, dental implants for multiple teeth can provide a realistic and less cumbersome alternative for your mouth.

If you have multiple teeth missing or in need of replacing, the dental implants can work the same way as a single-tooth implant. Since the implants don’t need to attach to other teeth, you don’t need natural teeth around them for implanting. You simply need a healthy jaw bone ready to take the implants.

Dr. Newhart and his team can implant one tooth, or multiple teeth in your mouth depending on your needs. Multiple tooth dental implants are often referred to as implant-supported bridges. This is because the teeth that attach to the artificial root will work similarly as they would in a bridge, yet instead attach to the implanted tooth roots.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many valuable benefits to consider when deciding if a single tooth or multi-tooth dental implant is right for you.

Prevents Bone Loss

Getting a dental implant prevents bone loss because there is an artificial root for the bone to adhere to as opposed to a bridge or denture or having no tooth at all. It also helps with gum health because it can prevent gum recession.

Look and Feel Like Real Teeth

Because a dental implant secures to the bone, it feels more natural than other alternatives. Once the procedure is complete, you will feel like you have a regular tooth look and feel. This also means it doesn’t impact the teeth around it. You can get the tooth implant without negatively impacting the other teeth around it.

Replace Single or Multiple Teeth

Whether you need one tooth or multiple teeth replaced, the dental implants work for a single crown or full-bridge depending on your individual needs.

Saves Your Facial Appearance

If you already have missing teeth, this can impact your facial appearance. Your facial structure can get a concave appearance where there were once teeth. The dental implant will fill in those areas where there were once teeth which helps to prevent the change in facial features.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of a dental implant is maintenance. Unlike a denture or removable bridge that requires some additional care, you can care for your dental implants like your other teeth with careful, daily routine dental care. You won’t have to remove your teeth to soak them or clean them in other products.

Permanent Solution

Ultimately, what you get with a dental implant is the ability to smile, eat, talk, and live with a healthy mouth. Additionally, dental implants are long-term solutions to dental problems. They can last a lifetime to keep your mouth looking and feeling good.

Dental Implants for a Healthy Happy Mouth

If you have a bad tooth or multiple bad teeth, or you have already lost some teeth, it’s time to consider the many benefits of dental implants.

Our team, along with Dr. Newhart, can guide you through the dental implant process. You will be proud to smile and have a healthy mouth again. Contact us today to set up an appointment to talk about your dental health and whether you are a good candidate for dental implants.

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