Dr. Richard Newhart is pleased to add, new state of the art, Prexion 3D Jawbone Imaging to his diagnostic tools at his office! This new, high-tech x-ray scanning system can help us detect serious infections and/or problems in your jaw, where regular x-rays could miss them.  This 3D scanning system can also determine the amount of jawbone loss resulting from prior tooth extractions and abscesses.

Everyone knows that root canal problems can sometimes cause pain but sadly, many times, root canal problems are not evident with regular x-rays and dentist cannot find the right tooth. The good news is that many of these hidden problems will show up with the Prexion 3D imaging bone scanner!

A sinus infection can be caused by tooth problems missed by regular x-rays. With 3D imaging, we can many times see the infected tooth and sinus membrane thickening! Also, sinus infections or cloudiness may show up with this 3D jaw bone scan, where otherwise the infections may be missed by routine exams.

Dr. Newhart has been placing dental implants since 1998 and by adding the Prexion 3D jawbone imaging to his practice, it helps him stay up on the latest technology which helps him achieve the best results for dental implant patients! Dr. Newhart’s office will first use the scan to see if there is enough bone to place dental implants. If there is not enough residual bone after extractions, then Dr. Newhart can try to grow needed bone. The 3D imaging can then help Dr. Newhart place the dental implants with a precise surgical guide minimizing surgical risk and improving results.