Post-op Instructions for Sinus Elevation

1. DO NOT BLOW YOUR NOSE. Gently dab the area, if needed.

2. Take anti-biotic prescription as instructed, we well as other prescriptions.

3. Take two Sudafed tablets every six hours for five days, then as needed.

4. Put two sprays of Afrin Nasal Spray in your right/left nostril every 10-12 hours for three days.

5. Ice packs can be used, 20 minutes on, then 10 minutes off (not directly on the incision area).

6. Alcohol use prohibited.

7. DO NOT DRINK THROUGH A STRAW, as this can create negative sinus pressure.

8. SOFT DIET for five days. Do not chew on side of surgery for 2 months.

9. For the first twenty-four hours, periodically gently rinse with warm salt water, then use chlorhexadine as directed. No commercial mouth rinses for first 24 hours.

10. For pain, take three Advil or Dr. Newhart’s Motrin prescription every six hours. If that does not relieve your pain, you may take two Tylenol extra strength in-between the motrin.

11. If you must sneeze, SNEEZE WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN.

12. SMOKING PROHIBTED FOR TWO MONTHS following any sinus surgery as this may impair healing.

13. UPRIGHT SLEEPING for first two nights.

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