What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, or titanium fittings, that are surgically secured to the jaw bone. The light and durable metal implant acts as an anchor for a false tooth or set of false teeth. The attached artificial tooth, which is matched to the exact color of your natural teeth, looks and feels completely authentic.

Dr. Newhart Periodontist in Parkersburg, WV - Implant SurgeonAll of Dr. Newhart’s dental implant surgery procedures are performed in the office and never in a hospital setting. Adjunctive surgical procedures, such as bone augmentation, may be performed as a separate procedure or at the same time of implant placement. Each surgical procedure is different depending on the clinical situation as well as the preferences of the patient and dental practitioner/ surgeon.

Dental Implants that patients will be proud of, thanks to Dr. Richard Newhart –  The Gum Dr.

Dental Implant Benefits

  • Replaces teeth without sacrificing quality of bordering teeth
  • Supports a single crown or full bridge
  • Helps prevent bone loss and gum recession
  • Makes it easier to chew, eat, talk-and smile!
  • Fuses to living bone for that real-tooth feel
  • Fills out facial regions left concave by missing teeth
  • Requires no adhesives, removals, soaking or cleaning
  • Provides a reliable, long-term dental solution that can last a lifetime!

Some other advantages of dental implants are that you will never have a cavity and never have a root canal problem. Unlike partial dentures, which have to be taken out and cleaned, dental implants are to be treated like a normal tooth.

If you are in need of dental implants or dental implant surgery, contact the most trusted dental implant surgeon in Parkersburg, Vienna, Marietta and the surrounding areas. Contact Dr. Richard Newhart – The Gum Dr. today!

Why a bone graft is important, 3D diagram of a dental implant

S. Stollar
My dental implant procedure went great! Dr. Newhart was kind and is caring, and all the staff are friendly and nice

C. Brooks
Dr. Newhart and his staff are wonderful! I was very anxious about my dental implant procedure, but there was no need to be. The procedure went smoothly and I had no bleeding and very little pain. They were very reassuring and talked me through every step of the process. I highly recommend Dr. Newhart and his staff.