receding gums with dental tools

Do You Have Receding Gums? You Are Not Alone!

Gum recession is very common, like diabetes or having high cholesterol, but it is not normal or healthy. The good news is, it can be prevented from getting worse and even sometimes reversed! You do not have to have your gums pull away from your teeth.

Just like diabetes or high cholesterol, if gum recession is not treated, there can be serious consequences. Exposed roots can be sensitive to cold and can get cavities in addition to your gums receding. The gum line is sometimes missed when you brush and floss your teeth, leading to more gingivitis and a worsening condition, such as jaw bone loss or periodontitis around the teeth.

Jawbone Loss or Periodontitis

What people do not realize, is as the gums recede, there is also bone loss! It is important to stop this gum recession and jaw bone loss before the teeth are compromised or lost. Sometimes, gum recession is actually a sign of a more serious problem with the jaw bone (periodontitis).

Receding Gums Treatment

Dr. Newhart uses a number of different ways to treat gum recession. The Free Gingival Graft was introduced in 1961 and still works great! Note, that just putting a white filling over the root surface with gum recession, does not stop the gums receding further, but may help with sensitivity.

The newest procedure to partially reverse gum recession is, the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique. Dr. Newhart has received special training in this technique from Dr. Chao in Alhambra, CA. This technique does not require any stitches but can only be used if there is no bone loss between the teeth.

The original Free Gingival Graft procedure is still widely used by Dr. Newhart. This graft stops recession for the rest of your lifetime with teeth and dental implants.

Below are pictures of advanced gingival recession and severe bone loss periodontitis and recession. Do not let your gums pull away because you can stop it!

Receding gums on molars
Receding gums showing root of molars
receding gums showing roots of bottom teeth