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Do you need a good dental surgeon in Parkersburg, WV, or Marietta, OH? Maybe you just want to make sure that the practice you visit is able to fit your implants properly. This guide will tell you everything you need to know so you can make an informed decision.

Who Can Perform Dental Implant Surgery?

Your dentist may offer dental implant treatment. If not, they should be able to refer you to a dental implant specialist such as a periodontist. When you go to your dentist to perform an implant, you should make sure that they have completed all of the right training. If they have, then great, but it may be that they can offer you basic implants but nothing more. If you require some special implants or if you want to have more options then it may be worth talking to a periodontist such as Dr. Newhart.

Dr. Newhart serves patients in Parkersburg, WV, and those from Marietta, OH, and the surrounding areas. You usually do not need to get a referral to see a periodontist. At TheGumDr, our dental implant surgeon, Dr. Newhart, has the highest level of training. He is a skilled and highly qualified surgeon to fit you with the implant you need quickly and efficiently. Dr. Newhart is currently the nearest dental implant surgeon to Marietta, OH, and only 20 to 25 minutes away.

Dental Implant Surgeon Qualifications

A periodontist should place dental implants because they have special training. Dental professionals need to have specialist training to perform implant placement. It’s possible for general dentists to place implants, but they will need to undergo additional training so they can qualify. If you are trying to find a dentist who can place implants then it may be worth looking to the AAID or the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. They can help you to find a registered periodontist in your area.

It’s important to know that when you go to an implant dentist, they will have different levels of certification. An Associate will have to meet the following requirements on top of being a regular licensed dentist.

  • 300 hours of dental education that relates to implant dentistry
  • Surgical experience in fitting implants and competency in 3 different types of cases
  • Completion of oral and written exams for implant dentistry

If a dentist was to qualify in a Fellowship, then they would have to undergo 400 hours of education and 5 years of implant experience. A higher honor would be to have a Diplomate for the American Board of Implant Dentistry. Reaching this standard is a high achievement, meaning that the dentist themselves would have to undergo rigorous training and they would also have to practice for over 7 years. They also have to fit 75 patients with implants and pass an exam which is done in 2 parts.

Do You Need Implants?

When you have missing teeth, having a picture taken of you while smiling can be a daunting experience. If you have ever lost a tooth to erosion, cracking, or even an accident, then you know how difficult it can be to carry on without some degree of discomfort. Our implant dentist will work with you to thoroughly understand the condition of your teeth before creating implants. Our dental implant surgeon will provide you with a strong and durable foundation so that your teeth fit securely. Dentures or bridges can then be connected to the implants, making it much easier for you to reduce issues with eating or speech. If you feel you need implants contact Dr. Newhart to help answer your questions, guide, and support you through every stage of your implant procedure.

Should I Visit an Implant Dentist?

If the dentist you are with now offers dental implants, you can certainly get your implants fitted through them. That being said, a qualified dentist won’t have the knowledge and experience that a periodontist would have because implants are a periodontist’s specialty. If you believe that you need implants then visiting an implant specialist (a periodontist) is the way to go.

You may feel worried about what lies ahead. This is understandable, a qualified dentist or periodontist will be able to explain everything and ease your mind. They will teach you how to maintain your implants so they last for years to come and give you a beautiful smile.

Contact Dr. Newhart so we can help answer any questions you have and see if you qualify for dental implants. Call (304) 699-0728 or fill out a new patient form if you are not currently registered with our practice. Start the journey to a healthier and whiter smile.

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