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If you know that you need some dental work done, then it’s wise to explore the options that are out there. After all, the more you can do to educate yourself, the more likely you’ll come to an effective and affordable solution. If you want to find out more about gum surgery or the types of surgery that are out there, then simply look below.

What Alternatives to Gum Surgery are There?

If you want an alternative to gum surgery, then you can find some options below.

Pinhole Grafting

This is one of the most popular alternatives out there and it uses a newer technique called pinhole grafting. It’s minimally invasive but it does help to correct any gum recession. A small hole is made in your gum line, and when this has been done, your dentist will use special instruments to try and loosen your gums.


Another alternative would be scaling. This removes any tartar that might have accumulated on your teeth, or right below the gumline. If bacteria are allowed to settle, it mineralizes and this increases your risk of developing some kind of periodontal disease.


Gums that have receded quite a lot may cause the bone underneath to deteriorate. Regeneration corrects this by peeling back the tissue so that a bone is exposed. This procedure is not usually done unless the patient has severe periodontal disease.

What Is LANAP Surgery?

LANAP protocol gives you the chance to have less invasive treatment with a higher success rate when compared to conventional surgery. It’s the only scientifically proven method to promote periodontal regeneration and bone growth.

The lasers are ideal at treating periodontal disease, mainly because it is able to target the inflammation at its source without removing any of the healthy gum tissue. It’s also ideal at stopping infection without the need for sutures.

Benefits of LANAP Alternative to Gum Surgery

The traditional way to treat periodontal disease would be for you to undergo osseous surgery. The dentist would use scalpels to cut away some of the gum disease. Sutures would then be used to reshape the gums around the teeth.

This is very effective but it does have a long recovery time. It’s also a much more invasive procedure, with discomfort during healing.

The great thing about LANAP is that it eliminates any diseased gum tissue, with a light frequency. The laser is also able to kill any bacteria that might be present in the mouth.  Both the removal and the restoration of healthy tissue is all done with way less trauma to the gums, putting you on the path to recovery with your healing journey in general.

Traditional Gum Surgery VS LANAP

If you want to know the difference between traditional gum surgery and LANAP then simply take a look below.

Pain: Traditional surgery can be a bit more painful when compared to LANAP. The main reason for this is because it requires cutting and suturing. LANAP on the other hand can cause less discomfort and it rarely causes post-operative pain. There is a minimal amount of recovery time and patients can easily return to their day to day routine almost right away.

Recession: Traditional surgery requires the use of a blade, which makes a cut in the gum line. This can easily lead to gum recession, which will expose the root of the tooth and lead to tooth rot. LANAP on the other hand is less invasive as it is much more selective. The laser only removes the damaged tissue, and it does not impact the nearby bone or tissue.

Healing Time: LANAP does not require any kind of surgical cutting and this means that you can heal much faster. The laser kills bacteria and it also reduces inflammation which supports the healthier tissue underneath.

Do I Qualify for LANAP?

Most people do qualify for this type of treatment. If you want to make sure that you are going to get the best result out of your treatment or if you are not sure if you are a candidate, then it’s best to consult with your dentist. Most patients who have moderate or even severe periodontitis will qualify for LANAP. Unlike regular surgery, taking any kind of medication which thins your blood doesn’t actually disqualify you from the procedure.

Is LANAP Alternative Gum Surgery Right for You?

If you want to have some dental treatment done but you are not quite sure if you want to undergo a lot of invasive procedures, then laser surgery could be a good option for you. If you have noticed that you have symptoms of periodontal disease or if a dentist has told you that you have the disease then you may be wondering if there is anything that you can do to save your teeth while ensuring the best oral health for your future. Depending on how severe your infection is, there’s a high chance that you are eligible.

Periodontal disease starts out as gum inflammation or gingivitis. This occurs when plaque and tartar aren’t removed from the teeth. The bacteria in substances like this irritates the gums. Gingivitis causes swollen or red gums which bleed very easily when they are flossed or brushed. The good thing about gingivitis is that it can be reversed if you regularly visit your dentist and if you take the time to brush your teeth properly every night. If you do not treat the gingivitis, it will progress into periodontitis. When this happens, the gums will retract from the teeth and this will leave pockets which can then become infected.

LANAP can treat conditions such as this but it’s worth talking to your dentist to see if they can work with you to give you the treatment you need. They can also advise you on the other types of treatments that are available if you do not qualify for this. Call us at (304) 699-0728 if you would like to know more.

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