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While teeth problems can impact one’s life in different ways, they are common. For example, research shows that over 36 million Americans don’t have a single tooth. What’s more, approximately 120 million individuals in the country have at least one or more missing teeth. That said, if you have been looking to restore your smile, you have come to the right place. Are you in Parkersburg, WV, or Marietta, OH, and want to restore your smile? Visit Dr. Richard Newhart for help. He uses TeethXpress technology to deliver stunning results. Read on to learn more.

Understanding the TeethXpress Treatment

TeethXpress is an advanced and effective treatment that can replace missing teeth. The minimally invasive procedure will complete in a day, making it one of the best solutions you may want to consider.

With TeethXpress, you’ll get dental implants that look like natural teeth. The procedure is also affordable, allowing as many people as possible to receive treatment.

Are You the Right Candidate for TeethXpress?

If you have missing teeth and want to restore your smile, TeethXpress can help. This is one of the best scientific and modern ways to replace missing teeth. The installed dental implants will function and appear like natural teeth. You want to try TeethXpress if:

  • You have loose-fitting dentures
  • Chewing food is difficult for you
  • You’re looking for an affordable solution
  • You want a dental solution that will give you teeth similar to natural ones

Why Should You Consider TeethXpress?

While there are many dental procedures, you may want to consider TeethXpress due to its many benefits, including these three very important benefits.

1. The Process is Cost-Effective

Living with missing teeth is not something anyone would want. If you feel your smile has been a barrier in your life, you may want to consider the TeethXpress procedure. Not having teeth can lower your self-esteem and the ability to interact with people freely in social scenes.

After the procedure, your new smile will enhance your confidence, and you’ll go home knowing you can now eat different foods. Unlike some traditional tooth replacement procedures that may need frequent repair or replacement, TeethXpress dental implants will serve you for the rest of your life. While the implant’s dental prosthesis (the crown) may later need replacement, the procedure is more cost-efficient than traditional ones requiring regular adjustments.

2. After Getting TeethXpress Dental Implants, You Won’t Need Other Procedures

When replacing one missing tooth, only one implant is necessary. However, if you have a depleted jawbone, you might need bone grafting. This ensures the dental implant gets the support it needs.

TeethXpress minimizes the jawbone demand because multiple implants can withstand the dental restoration pressure. The implants get placed on specific joints where there’s enough jawbone. Many people with teeth problems get a natural-looking smile after the TeethXpress procedure.

3. TeethXpress will Prevent Further Dental Issues

Someone with a few teeth missing has an increased likelihood of developing other oral health problems like gum disease. Leaving this unattended can lead to cavities in other teeth. Jawbone reabsorption can lead to premature aging because your face looks sunken. If you develop such issues, you’ll need invasive dental procedures to correct them.

Teeth roots are essential for keeping the jawbone alive. Without the roots, bone tissues will lose their form. That said, TeethXpress uses dental implants that can stimulate bone growth and keep it alive. They’ll also prevent possible oral health issues that may come with teeth loss.

How Much is the Cost of TeethXpress Dental Implants?

Each patient has unique needs, meaning there is no one-size-fits-all price for TeethXpress dental implant installation. However, during your initial consultation with a skilled dental expert, they’ll conduct a personalized assessment and offer you an accurate cost.

Why would you prefer TeethXpress Dental implants instead of dentures? While dentures may seem less expensive initially, they’re not. This is because they will need daily adhesives and costly adjustments to keep them intact.

It adds cost over time, and they’re not a long-term solution because they’ll need replacement after 7 to 15 years. On the flipside, TeethXpress dental implants will bond with the jawbone and can last a lifetime if you care for them properly.

What Can You Expect During the Procedure?

When visiting for the initial consultation, your dental expert will evaluate your situation and provide a personalized treatment plan according to your needs. The professional will use abutment posts to surgically place up to 6 implants into your jaw during the procedure.

The process involves the use of special prosthetics screws to secure a dental prosthesis to the abutment posts. Typically, this process can take a day to complete, and you’ll go home with a new smile. Your dentist will have a denture designed before the procedure or can use your existing denture. This ensures you’ll have new teeth when you walk out after the process.

While you may experience some discomfort, it’s temporary and minor. The expert may recommend you use pain relievers if necessary. During this healing phase, you’ll also need to eat soft meals.

After the Procedure

After the procedure, your dentist may recommend you use a dedicated mouth wash for a two-week period, whereby during this time, you shouldn’t use a water pick or brush. After two weeks, you can begin using a water pick slowly. If you want the treatment to be successful, you should adhere to the dentist’s instructions. You also want to maintain proper dental hygiene.

Usually, most patients can resume their day-to-day activities, such as going to work or school a day after the treatment.

How Long Can TeethXpress Dental Implants Last

If you care for dental implants properly, they can last for many years. A patient can have a dental implant for over 40 years, even a lifetime. All you need is to follow your oral care routine including, brushing and flossing daily. It would be best to consider regular dental check-ups to spot and handle any problem that may occur.

About Dr. Richard Newhart and Why You Should Seek His Help

Dr. Richard Newhart is one of the most established periodontists based in Parkersburg, WV. He’s the first dental expert in the state to provide Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP). This is a more effective and less invasive way for bone loss treatment. Dr. Richard has been providing his services in the Mid-Ohio Valley since 1989.

The experienced gum doctor can treat a broad range of issues such as Tooth Exposures for Orthodontics, Crown Lengthening, Gingivectomy, Frenectomy, Bone Grafting, Gingival Gum Grafts, Dental implants, and more.

Dr. Richard Newhart believes in offering his clients the best services. This is why he keeps up with the latest trends in the industry.

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